Josh Conn
Josh Conn

I’ve been in the CrossFit world for just under two years. Before joining this great community at CrossFit Schenectady, I had never even touched a barbell. Since joining, there have been countless accomplishments and PRs when it comes to strength but there’s always room for improvement which is what keeps me coming back. Having the chance to continue to work on my technique and improve everyday has become very addicting. As for endurance, give me a workout with a bike or a rower any day of the week and I’ll probably leave you in the dust!


I’m a proud graduate of The College of Saint Rose where I earned my Master’s Degree in Accounting with a Certificate in Forensic Accounting. Also, I currently hold CrossFit Level 1 credential.


Josh Conn

Growing up, I played soccer and bowling. I was more passionate about bowling and my teammates and I had a lot to success winning the Section 2 sectional title multiple times through my tenure on the team. The majority of my athletic accomplishments didn’t happen until I found CrossFit just a few years ago. Since then, I’ve had multiple accomplishments with the most significant one being that I qualified for my first competition in June of 2024. As for coaching, I’m new to that arena but it feels so comfortable. I’ve had so many great coaches over the years and I’ve been able to take qualities from each of them to sort of form my ideal coaching style and I look forward to helping as many of my fellow athletes to get better and strong as I move forward in this journey.

Turning Point

Reflecting back on the turning point in my life when it comes to fitness brings up a lot of emotions. I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life at 315 pounds. I was unhappy with how I looked but more importantly, unhappy with how I felt. I had no energy, I was sluggish at work, avoided hanging out with friends because I was just uncomfortable with myself. I knew it was time to make a change so I went to work. My friend, and fellow coach, JJ brought me into CFS to try my first class and I haven’t looked back since. To date, I have lost over 100 pounds and have never been in better shape in my life.

The job of a coach is so important but the community at CFS makes it so easy. My fellow athletes always show up ready to work, ready to improve, and ready to push the limits and get better. If I can help just one person on their journey like so many have helped me, it makes it all worth it.