Rich Mack
Rich Mack

202 Cals in 10 Min bike test

345 CJ



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Pendlay Seminar

CF Kettlebell

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Rich Mack

When I was a kid I was bullied and picked on to no end.  I found sports and found my passions in Football and Basketball.

In high school I helped lead my basketball team to states.

After highschool I struggled to find myself, I slowly became more and more depressed, falling deeper and deeper into alcoholism.  

Just after my 30th birthday I found a new life in sobriety.

My passions and love turned to crossfit.  

Crossfit helped me climb out of the darkest places I could possibly imagine.

It even lead me to qualifing for A sanctional crossfit event with a team.

I have been doing crossfit for over 15 years now and am healthier and happier because of it.

My love for coaching comes from my desire to help others.

I truly believe that I suffered so that I may help others in their suffering.