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Our CrossFit classes are for all levels of athletes. Whether your goal is playing with your grandkids, maximizing your physical potential, or competing in a sport, we will help you reach it through proper progressions and attentive coaching.


  • $185/month for unlimited CrossFit classes

  • $155/month for students, teachers, and Healthcare workers.

  • $135/month for military, first responders

  • $135/month for Family members 

New to CrossFit Schenectady? Sign up for a free trial here!

For individuals that want a more intimate experience or need to achieve targeted goals, we recommend our personal training track. Individuals in this program work one on one with one of our coaches. You will follow a personal program with targeted coaching, specifically around your goals. This is our most intimate and focused approach to all fitness and wellness goals.

Nutrition Coaching

Capital nutrition is individualized programming that will progressively meet your needs as both you and they change. Whether you want to improve your athletic performance or your overall health, our nutrition coaches will work with you to create a program tailored to your unique needs.

  • $120/month for members

  • $150/month for non-members

To set up a discovery call, please send us a message here.

Capital Athlete is for individuals or teams looking to receive sport-specific, individualized programming to advance their performance. This track is for those competing at a high level in CrossFit, or young athletes from middle school through college looking to gain an edge in their sport. 

Capital Weightlifting is our USA Weightlifting club team.  Our coaches work with an array of athletes from elite competitors,

to individuals seeking to develop more strength and improve their movement. We strive to create an atmosphere

where all can thrive. Capital Weightlifting offers personalized plans, team plans,

group development classes, and open gym.

  • $135/month

Contact us to get started.

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